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Welcome to GoldMartini Golden Retrievers 
**Quality, Temperament, Soundness & Type**


Here at GoldMartini our Golden Retrievers are from Quality European/UK and now introducing American bloodlines.

We strive to breed quality Goldens that are sound and have the true Golden kind, friendly, and confident temperament. 

We only breed for ourselves to continue our goals on improving our breed, only then do we release home bred puppies to permanent caring homes. 

Our Golden Retrievers excel as family members in the conformation, show, and obedience rings. Some of our Goldens also work with livestock and in the hunting field.
We do retrieving with Our golden retrievers. This is what they were bred for, even though we don't compete in this field in trials we do enjoy doing it in our own time..

All our Golden Retrievers  are handled and loved by ourselves, and Georgia Melville

Our Golden Retrievers are family members and have pride of place in our home. 

Our breeding stock is Hip, Elbow, Eye and Heart certified.

Enquiries are welcome at any time.  




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